Sunday, December 14, 2008

5x higher chance of being robbed, 7x raped, 8x murdered .. and we're focusing on rear seat belts??!!

I’ve just been reminded that back-seat passengers will have to belt-up starting 1 Jan. Otherwise the driver stands to be fined RM300.

Our authorities have their priorities all skewed. How important is this in the overall scheme of things? Surely our overburdened and undermanned police force has more important things to do than to harass the family man taking his family out for an evening drive? Like, for example, curbing snatch thieves, or burglaries, or Mat Rempit …. The crime rate in Malaysia is high. Here are some statistics per 100,000 population, as pointed out by Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua:

Robbery: Malaysia 90.49 cases per 100,000 population, Japan 4.78, Hong Kong 17.56
Rape: Malaysia 11.47, Japan 1.62, Hong Kong 1.54
Homicides: Malaysia 2.12, Japan 1.09, Hong Kong 0.26

Put into layman's terms, a Malaysian is 5 times more likely to be robbed than a Hong Konger. The more serious the crime, the higher your chances - 7x better chances to be raped and 8x a murder victim! Higher chances are great if like me, you were trying for the Toto Jackpot, but certainly not to be a crime victim.

Not wearing rear seat belts is a personal issue. If Mum and Dad decide their precious ones don't need to belt up, that is their own decision and they can live with the consequences, if any.

Also, thanks to our horrible public transport and outmoded auto policy, many of us don't have alternatives. Large numbers of our national car, Proton, were fitted with only two rear seat belts when manufactured. Kudos to Proton for agreeing to retrofit rear centre seat belts on these cars, totalling 226k units made between 2004 and 2008, including 82k units of the Gen 2. But the whole exercise will take 13 months to complete! So what’s the family of 5 going to do until their car is fixed? Force someone to stay home every time the family goes out? Hardly great. One would think tough times like today call for even more family unity.

Most families would understandably decide to take the risk of being caught. Which brings me to the core issue – sowing the seeds of law-breaking. Break one law and breaking others become easier.

So how about this? Creating new laws is useless if they’ll not be obeyed anyway. Parliament should take a break from law-making. Our MPs can use the time to help monitor enforcement of existing laws instead. No more new laws until the existing ones are complied with.


Hasbullah Pit said...

to spurs the economy, how about, who ever found wearing back seat belt, will get RM300?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chi Chang,

Thanks for your post and the call to wake up to reality in Malaysia. We have myopic leaders who live in selfish denial and refuse to serve the needs of the rakyat and spend their time concocting silly laws that make them IMAGINE that they are serving the rakyat!!!
Thank goodness we have visionary leaders like Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua who can identify areas of concern. Thanks to you for the courage to speak the truth.
Please continue to be our mouthpiece and may God bless you and yours.

Anonymous said...

There is one glaring difference between the 'crimes' u mentioned;

Rape, Homicides, & Not wearing rear seat belts

The last one can be settled on the spot & much more less 'hardwork' too!


WY said...

our police's priorities are all screwed up. they spent more time on protecting VIPs, harrassing political oppositions, traffic duties than on general public safety, white collar crimes, murder,rape etc etc