Monday, March 2, 2009

Kudos to EPF operations

February is over. All listed companies have reported their results for last year ended 2008, including their dividend plans. EPF, custodian of our retirement money, is still maintaining an ominous silence. The Malaysian stock market fell by nearly 40% last year, as measured by the KLCI. It would be unfair to expect EPF to do well in those market conditions, but we have a right to know what is happening.

While EPF's investment division may be having a bad time, the operations department is delivering excellent service to contributors. I went over twice in the last week to execute a transaction. Both times I waited for less than 5 minutes; and both times the officers were polite and efficient. I also used the phone enquiry line – my call was quickly picked up, and the officer on the line answered my queries competently and politely.

Credit where credit is due: SYABAS, EPF! If only other government agencies would deign to learn from your experience. No need to go for expensive lawatan-sambil-belajar to exotic overseas locations. Malaysia Boleh!


Sans said...

Public services have changed. I remember whne I was younger I was in fear of the power of the state and getting the new i.c you were subject to the whims or whichever public servant you had the luck to draw. Know I believe the public servant lording over the public he/she is meant to serve is almost a thing of the past

Anonymous said...

It all starts from the top.

Azlan Zainol, coming from the private sector, and having no interests other than doing a good job over the long term, has been the difference.


Ben said...

So what is the verdict on the 4.5% dividend? We are not complaining but understand that it was the best year excluding the massive provisions.