Sunday, June 14, 2009

Irony: Former chairman of scandal-hit PKFZ launches standards boards!

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung launched Malaysian Institute of Accountant’s new standards boards on June 9.

Datuk Chor had once been chairman of scandal-hit Port Klang Authority (PKA). But, he said, “Other than visiting the PKFZ and receiving reports pertaining to the development of the PKFZ … at every board meeting … I was never involved in any other activities on the PKFZ.” (Edge June 10).

A strangely hands-off approach given that the Auditor-General himself had raised warning points as early as May 2004 and as the cost ballooned 6-fold from under RM2bn to RM13bn and counting … And this man is now Deputy Finance Minister.

Directors are supposed to exercise diligence and oversight, even more so in the case of government bodies like PKA which ultimately belong to the taxpayers. Yet, Datuk Chor seems to think merely receiving reports is sufficient fulfilment of his director duties.

Somewhat ironic then that he officiated at the launch of the Audit and Assurance Standards Board and Ethics Standards Board of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants at no less than the headquarters of the Securities Commission.

“Honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability are the key words in good corporate governance,” said Chor according to the Sun on June 10.

Those words ring hollow in the wake of PKFZ.

Besides fulfillment, or the lack of, of his director duties, Datuk Chor was also in a conflict of interest situation. Reporting accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers noted Datuk Chor was also deputy chairman of Wijaya Global Sdn Bhd, which was linked to a key beneficiary of contracts signed with PKA when he was PKA chairman.


Gemini said...

Let the truth prevail.

Anonymous said...

he was telling all and sundry that "he was shaking legs and collect his dues for doing nothing during his time as chairman of PKFA" If thats not irresponsibility, i dont know what is. may be we should also ask him about Pempena. this guy has a tendency to leave a trail of stinking cowdungs whereever he goes.

SU said...

Hi g'day folks.

This post left out one dumb yet highly indicative remark made by that almost has-been Chor Thingy. To recap what he said with his eyes wide-shut that shows he somehow belatedly regreted in taking up the Chairperson post of PKA.

That isn't all folks. He went further unabashedly saying that he gonna be more careful in accepting any job offer in the future!

Ain't that amazing? After 1.5 years of 'gaji buta' with all-in plum perks as PKA's Chairperson, he now said he knew nothing & did nothing about all those blatant abuses already obvious since 2004.

Incidentally, his 'makan gaj buta' approach smacks of highest degree of naivette which is parallel to Hongkie celebrity sex scandal's Gillian Chung bizzare & unbelievable manner in accounting for her own salasiously unsavory indiscretions!

As you said rightly, that do-nothing Chor thingy is promoted as the Deputy Finance Minister of M'sia Boleh!

With him talking about integrity etc... at such an occasion, what a joke!

By the way the pun in ‘chairperson’ is by design. That Chor thingy ain’t fit to be called ‘chairman’. This applies to all the recent chairpersons of PKA, coincidentally all from the has-beens of “Main Cina” Party!

Anonymous said...

Datuk Chor is not an "idiot"! But when your comrades are hot you have to be cool. Some times people become "useful idiots"!

Purple Haze said...

Chor epitomises the Peter Principle i.e. The Peter Principle is the principle that "In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.

Unknown said...

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