Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maxis is guilty of fraud

I was going to give you more on the PKFZ scandal, but had to waste countless hours since Saturday dealing with Max-sick and its clueless “technical support” personnel.

Yup, my Max-sick broadband is on the blink again. The problems started Friday, but I was still able to get a steady, albeit slow connection via EDGE technology. On Saturday, the line kept dropping. By Monday evening, Max-sick was dead. Cue countless calls to Max-sick's “customer service” and a home visit by an unskilled vendor who insisted it was a modem problem when I was 1000% sure it wasn't. True enough, he changed the modem and still there's no service.

Finally, yesterday (Tuesday) evening, someone called and said Max-sick had “escalated my problem up to the engineering team”. What? I had complained on Saturday!!! It takes them THREE days to “escalate” the problem? Whatever happened to service integrity? Internet connection is a necessity nowadays. I rely on it to work and earn income. No internet = pissed off customers and lost opportunities. Yet when I asked Max-sick if they are at least going to waive my monthly fee, they said “they have to close the file first”, whatever that means.

Maxis is guilty of fraud. It is charging for a service (broadband) which it is not delivering. It's like a travel agent selling you a 5-star holiday package including accommodation at the Shangri-la, but dumping you into Rumah Tumpangan Ah Fatt instead. Actually it's worse than that. Maxis is not delivering ANY service at all. So, Maxis charges us for 5-star hotels but leaves us sleeping in the streets. In the meantime, it has the gall to continue aggressively selling Broadband packages. I know because I was accosted yesterday evening by yet another Maxis vendor! Needless to say, I gave him a piece of my mind, telling him he was selling a non-existent service.

But we consumers are powerless. There is no choice. Streamyx is equally bad, and I doubt that Celcom Broadband can outperform its sister company. In a situation like this, it is the regulator that has to protect the consumer against rapacious large companies.

So, where is our regulator? Incompetent like much of the Barisan Nasional government. Sigh. Next elections are so far away. In the meantime, we are stuck with a government that the majority of peninsular Malaysians did not vote for. Please, fellow citizens in Sabah and Sarawak – next elections help us kick out this useless administration.

And in case you're wondering, I had to drive out, incurring petrol and parking expense and spending unnecessary time, to find a place with wi-fi so I could upload this.


Anonymous said...

not only no service provided, they will lock you for 2-yr upon signing the contract. that happened to me 2 years back. damn pissed off and having to pay for no service provided. and if you terminate the contract prematurely, you will still be fined!!!
max-sick boleh!!!

Unknown said...


I understand your frustrations as your publication of your experience just add to the unrecorded statistics of the poor and unrelaible state of our conutry's broadband are right, all of the telcos are equally ill-equiped when it comes to reliability and the "speed" of transmissions as contracted/promised.

For the telcos...they are so proud of their quarterly earnings etc,and at the some time look into their annual reports (Max-sick is now on sick leave as the owners have taken it private), they boast of Community Projects!!!

Most of them make good margins from the lease of dedicated leased lines too, as larger companies have no other choice...just to name a few, banks, and MNCs.

mypugaloo said...


I am Celcom Staff and would like to take the challenge you the way, we are not sister company to TM any longer, as we are totally separated under our AXIATA Parent company...not relating to TM at all.

Try yourself by buying Celcom 3G Prepaid and experience yourself by maintaining your Modem...provided there is Celcom 3G signal where you stay currently. Else, using GPRS or ELSE might not fulfill your speed expectation.

Where are you staying actually?

Anonymous said...

celcom has nothing to do with streamyx.. not sister either brother. celcom is under axiata group please do some research first before write anything..

by the way, u can always choose digi or umobile or celcom or wimax or whatver.. just throw that maxisuck broadband.

Anonymous said...

oh ya, one more thing, im using celcom broadband too, all my fren also already switch to celcom broadband..

wei liang said...

I have just bought the Digi Broadband today. I can finally enjoy watching Susan Boyle on youtube. With Maxis before, watching youtube was a always torture. I hope Digi can keep up with its speed.

Anonymous said...

Try DIGI or move to S'pore, leh...

Cool it man, stay in M'sia - enjoy the "slow-motion" lifestyle, broadband,etc...

Chi-Chang said...

To Anonymous (8.37pm):

Yes, Celcom is owned by Axiata and Streamyx is run by TM.

But Axiata and TM are ultimately controlled by Khazanah. Which makes Celcom and Streamyx sister operations!

Do your homework before criticising ;-)

BTW, I've just signed up for DiGi Broadband. Had no choice but to incur the additional cost since internet is crucial to me. So far, so good. My Maxis is still Max-sick.


Anonymous said...

to mypugaloo,

why have the disclaimer "provided there is Celcom 3G signal where you are stay currently". Why the word "provided"???

if one is paying for a broadband service at 3G speed shouldn't one be enjoying a 3G speed's bandwidth?

and shouldn't telco be erecting more base stations so that all their subscribers can enjoy the bandwidth that they subscribed to?
you can't put the blame on the subscribers if they are staying far away from the nearest base station. we should get what we pay for.

siow com boleh!

Anonymous said...

chi chang,

if it's not too personal, cld u share what locations u have used digi broadband and found it satisfactory, or not?

the digi coverage map on their web site looks rather sparse in klang valley.

Chi-Chang said...

To Anonymous June 7, 2009 12:16 AM:

I've been using DiGi Broadband only in Damansara Utama.


wengsoon said...

the rule of thumb for broadband service in Malaysia is they work best everywhere except the place you are in.

i started broadband with izzi. gave up after 3 mths due to inconsistent signal. technical service was atrocious as the 'i'll call u backs" were empty talk.

switched to maxis. worked okay but last few mths still under service upgrade. the effect is my speed got downgraded after a week of inconsistent signal.

i'm on a power package with a big and outdated ZTE modem. anyway, i bought a USB 3.5G modem for RM 257, hv maxis unlock my sim card, slotted the sim in and made it mobile.
i'm paying RM 88pm (bolt on discount for existing maxis user)for a better option than the power mobile package of RM 138 (or RM 118 bolt on).
i was told that the Huawei USB modem that Maxis provides is lousy. anyway what i did i learnt from a celcom broadband dealer

wengsoon said...

just saw this..