Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Budget: How the government is spending OUR money

Finance Minister and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib will present Budget 2010 in Parliament on 23 October.

Every year, come this time, there is plenty of speculation about what “goodies” the government will “give” the rakyat. And every year, after the Budget is announced, there are the usual proclamations of “it’s a people’s budget”, “it’s people-friendly”, “it’s a growth budget”.

You may walk away happy with a small income tax cut, or on the fact that cigarette and beer taxes have not gone up. But there is much more to the Budget than just those few ringgit you saved.

The real “goodies” are hidden away from public view. RM47.8bn is being spent on education and training this year. That’s equivalent to RM8,000 for each student in public education. And yet, so many parents feel compelled to send their children to private schools or for private tuition. So, what happened to all that money?

Also, did you know we spend the same amount on defence - RM13.7bn – as we do on healthcare ? Do you think that is the right choice?

My upcoming book, The Budget: How the government is spening OUR money is a guide to how our government raises its funds and how it spends all that money. The federal government alone spends about RM200bn per year. On top of that, there is also spending by state and local governments. Do you think you got your money’s worth?

The first of its kind in Malaysia, this book explains in plain English where the federal government gets its income and what it spends it on. Interested citizens and taxpayers will find this an accessible read, while professionals will, for the first time, find the numbers compiled in a concise format.

Or, just buy it for the illustrations by Antares!

It’ll be in bookstores by mid-October. If you’d like to a copy delivered to you by mail, please send your name, address and phone number to budgetbook@chichang.net.

Publishers REFSA will contact you just before the book hits the shelves. Indicative price is RM25 + RM5 postage within Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Chi Chang, thank you for helping to make this a better place. I have bought your 'The Budget' book and have been recommending others to buy it too. God bless!

angela ooi

Starmandala said...

Took me a while to read the whole book (had to skip the charts even though they were very intelligently presented as too many figures make my head swim!) and I must say you have succeeded in helping even a financial dumbo like me grasp precisely how the public has been ripped off with impunity by BN all these decades. Bravo, Chi-Chang! :-)

Anonymous said...

excellent book, like it a lot, simple enough but very punchy. seems that it's been a while you did not update your blog?

Anonymous said...

excellent book, like it a lot, simple enough but very punchy. seems that it's been a while you did not update your blog?